Resume — Mark A. Hershberger

739 Main St.
Akron, PA 17501
Phone: 717-271-1084

Technical Skills

Front End

HTML5, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, XHTML.


PHP5, APC, XDebug, PHPUnit, Command Line PHP.
Various PHP Frameworks : MediaWiki, Symfony, Drupal


CPAN Author : Image::Grab, IO::BLOB::Pg, Filesys::Virtual, POE::Component::Server::XMLRPC, Software::Packager::Svr4.
Knowledge : mod_perl/Apache, DBI, POE.

Open Source Contributor

Linux Distributions : Contributing PHP packages (MDB2, hardy's XDebug) to Debian and Ubuntu.
Emacs : Contributor to Emacs with copyright assignment papers on file with the FSF.
MediaWiki : Contributing to MediaWiki, managing public releases and planning long-term maintenance for MW 1.19.

Mail Administration

Mail and Calendar Suite : Zimbra
Mail Transfer Agents : postfix, exim, sendmail, qmail.
Spam Filtering : SpamAssassin, Amavis.
Virus Scanning : ClamAV.


SQL : MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL.
Web Services : XML-RPC, REST, JSON-RPC (BloggerAPI, MetaWeblogAPI, Bugzilla, MediaWiki clients).

Employment History

Nichework LLC

Nichework LLC is the business entity that I use for any contracts or projects.



PHP Developer

July 2012-December 2012

Working with the XPlat (Cross-Platform) group to develop a tool written in the Symfony framework that will ease troubleshooting for Tier 2+ helpdesk in their XTM (SMS Messaging) product as well as adapting the tool to other troubleshooting scenarios for other products like Voice2Go, etc.

The tool makes CodeBig API queries on behalf of the helpdesk worker. I used AJAX calls, CSS3 Transitions and HTML5 form elements to make the APIs useful for the end user.

Contract Developer/Bugmeister
Wikimedia Foundation
January 2010-June 2012

Organized public bug reporting for the Wikimedia projects, held regular bug triages, worked to build relationships within the community so that the Foundation became aware of problems more rapidly and resolved them quickly.


Open Source Developer
IntraHealth International, Inc.
July 2007-November 2009

I worked on multiple open-source software projects, including traveling to client countries (in my case, Rwanda and Uganda) to help IT workers there implement Open Source solutions.


SysAdmin/Web Developer
Team Gigabyte
May 2006-March 2007

Helped implement front-end enhancements using AJAX and PHP. Later, took on the management of the production, integration systems, the autobuild system, the custom Ubuntu package repository for our internally produced packages, backups, and system monitoring via a combination of Cacti, Swatch and Nagios.

When we switched our front-end to MediaWiki, I wrote custom handlers to produce fast geographical lookups using PHP. Migrated our custom package repository to Amazon’s S3.

SysAdmin/Web Developer
Layover, Inc.
June 2004-May 2006

Managed servers and helped maintain current base of legacy code. Planned and began implementing a move from custom template system with a mix of custom CGI code to Catalyst and Template Toolkit as part of a complete redesign of the site. My initial decision to use Catalyst on mod_perl has been implemented site-wide.

Clark for President, Inc.
November 2003-February 2004

During my time at the campaign, I was the primary system administrator and managed the Linux-based network at the Headquarters as well the Linux servers co-located in Little Rock and New York City.

Implemented virus and spam scanning using open-source tools for all email addresses. This alone saved untold hours in staffers' time at little cost to the campaign.

Saved the campaign $50,000 on a contract by benchmarking a vendor's field outreach tool which purpose was to aid grassroots volunteers in writing letters and making calls to potential voters. My measurements showed that the tool became unusable with even a small number of users. The contract was canceled.

System Administrator
Universal Personnel (New Orleans, Louisiana)
January 2001-October 2003

Responsible for maintaining: internal and external DNS resolution for McDermott at multiple sites; external SMTP gateway router; internal and external FTP servers; HTTP Proxy; SOCKS proxy. Applying security upgrades for supported applications. Reviewing and implementing Auditor's security recommendations. (This contract was previously owned by Volt Technical Services.)


JCALS System Administrator
U.S. Air Force Reserve
September 2000-December 2000

Maintained documentation storage system for Air Force Reserve base.

Perl Developer
PixSell Data Brokers
February 2000-August 2000

Contracted to perform work in Perl.

Also, performed miscellaneous System Administration duties including working with the FBI and Navy Security to track down a hacker.


System Administrator
Baily Link, Inc.
July 1999-January 2000

Registered domain names. Created and implemented policies for a separate development and production servers; Created and implemented policies for a version control system for internally developed software.

System Administrator
Department of Interior (Minerals Management Service)
June 1998-July 1999

Maintained the DNS; Developed an interim web-based solution for plotting and displaying over 200GB of well-logs. Implemented Cfengine to ease maintenance of Solaris workstations. Installed and maintained the proxy servers for the Gulf and California locations.

Computer Operations Supervisor
Tulane University (EECS Department)
June 1996-June 1998

System Administrator for over 40 Sun Solaris workstations, three servers and several Microsoft Windows 95 Personal Computers. Also managed student workers.