The only time I've been close to tears during this whole ordeal was today when I realized that we are going to war. Five minutes ago, one of my co-workers came by. He is a Marine reservist and is leaving now. Just before that, I looked at a news web site I just discovered and saw the headline "Taliban anticipating massive US attack, vows revenge".

Why don't we realize that killing off our enemies is not the answer?

More will appear, enraged by the fact that a country that has the privilege to commit $40 billion to cleaning up the after-effects of a very terrible attack has decided to go after Afghanistan -- a country whose total GDP only $21 billion and whose population is roughly the same as the city of New York (Source: CIA Factbook)

This, despite the fact that Afghanistan has denied involvement.

Despite the fact that we have no proof that bin Laden was even involved or, if we did have this proof, that he is still in Afghanistan, we are still attacking Afghanistan.

Perhaps, as Doc Searls suggests on his weblog, we should stop playing the "This war is justified" story and try to figure out why people feel compelled to commit suicide to harm us.

Almost everyone I've talked to thinks this attack was unprovoked. It takes two to three years (or more) to develop a terrorist attack of this magnitude. For people who do not have access to guided missiles and nuclear weapons, time is a weapon.

If you've watched America support Israel as Israel bulldozed the Palestinians' orchards and farms (and, yes, there are Christian Palestinians), if you've watched America starve Afghani children with economic sanctions, if you remember that America attacked Iraq because of its love for cheap oil, wouldn't you be angry?

An eye for an eye, a life for a life. No one has a right to fight, to be angry except us, so we feel justified in killing innocent children and women who've been suppressed these past few years in Afghanistan and probably don't want to be there.

I dread the moment that we begin fighting. People take too much perverse pleasure in the death of anyone we fight. Their patriotism blinds them to the value of the person killed. It's sickening.

This is why I cried. We are too ready to rejoice at another's death.