What the heck is going on?

Our president has, with NATO, gotten us involved in yet another civil war. This time, we are trying to protect the Kosovar Albanians from persection by the Serbian's next door. A worthy goal, truly. But we are going about it all wrong.

First of all, President Clinton has said that no ground troops will be used to fight a war. They'll only be used to keep peace.

This, of course, is a ridiculous stance. The Serbs are showing us how crazy it is; they've already reduced the population of Kosovo by half and we aren't even two weeks into this. All the air power in the world cannot stop this madness and leave an inhabitable land. The Serbs are committed to getting rid of all those infidels. They don't want Muslims desecrating the ancient Orthodox Christian Monastaries.

Milosevic knows this and uses it. He uses it and his campaign to solidify his support. He uses the NATO bombing to turn those who might be against him. Bombing isn't going to do it

If we are going to be involved in this war we need to do a few things. First, declare war. We've let presidents get away with not declaring war far too many times. Declaring war will strengthen our resolve to prepare for what must be next: commit ground troops. I find it strange that all the strategists except those directly advising our President say that we need ground troops. Clinton needs to drop his yes-men.

Finally, if we commit ground troops, lets fight to win. Capture Milosevic and put him on trial. The Spanish and British have shown us recently that dictators and tyrants do not have diplomatic immunity for their crimes against humanity when they successfully prosecuted Pinochet. Let's use that and bring him and other Tyrants to justice.