And I do mean hacks!

Frolicking with RedHat

Since the current gig uses RedHat, I'm trying to get used to it. As a SysAdmin, I'm finding that a little difficult. Nevertheless, I'm coping.

Converting from Netscape Enterprise server to Apache

Here is how I converted from Netscape Enterprise to Apache for webservers.


I just spent a few hours re-doing IO::String so that I now have IO::PgLoFile. I think I'm in love with Perl!

Taking over Pragmatic

B. K. Oxley gave me ownership of Pragmatic since he can no longer maintain it. Cool!

Setting up Apache

It is pretty trivial to set up Apache to serve up static pages. But what if you want a really dynamic environment?

Using ssh1 passwordless

Here is a little how-to on using ssh-agent to get passwordless logins with ssh1.

Read Mail Just Like I do!

I use GNU Emacs with Gnus to read my mail. I sort my mail with Procmail.

Read all about how I do it.

Comics and Image::Grab

Here is a perl script to fetch comics daily. It is meant to be run in a cron job. There is no nice GUI, just a hacked together rc file.

That led me to write the Image::Grab Perl module which you can get from this site, or from CPAN. (Check out the ChangeLog.)

Recently, I began updating Image::Grab, and so I had to install some new perl modules. In particular, AFM::Font. Initially, it wouldn't work with the AFM files that come with Ghostscript, so I wrote a short perl program to create the symlinks. Check out the docs for Fontmap2Symlink, or download the progam. (Also availible on CPAN.)


Something more work related, now. The person in the cubicle next to me at work (Deborah), was having trouble analyzing some log files from Legato Networker. She was trying to do it up in Microsoft Access and having some difficulty and had spent a week or two on the problem. Even though she is from the PC side of the house, she is pretty Unix-saavy for a PC person, so I decided to help her. Besides, we use Legato as well for some of our Unix backups. Within a couple of hours, we had a working perl script parsing out the logs and producing some simple reports. I added some functionality for it to produce CSV files, as well. There should be some functionality added to get it to report on errors as well.

Also, we wanted to get some more interesting reports from the files, so I wrote a second script that reads the CSV files and can give a little more complex reports. Hopefully, we'll be able to get this script to tell us how many tapes were used and other interesting information.


For a while, I used OpenBSD and ended up doing some ports for it.

All the ports I've done are here.