Name:Violet Duyen Hershberger
DOB:Thursday, 2000 August 3
TOB:17:19 CDT
Weight:6 lb. 5 oz.
Length:18.75 inches

Mother and daughter are recovering nicely from a natural delivery. Alexis surprised me when she told the nursing staff that she didn't want an epidural. She had been adament about getting one for both Ginger's and Basil's deliveries.

Alexis amazed the nurses by asking if she could walk down to the vending machines for something to eat less than an hour after she gave birth. (Apparently most women aren't able to recover as quickly as my amazing Vietnamese cupcake.) One nurse said "It is good to see a that a women doesn't have to be ill after giving birth!" She continued to astound when she attended the initial weighing of the baby in the nursery -- a time when most new mothers are recovering from their epidural.

Anxious to return home, Alexis and Violet were discharged from the hospital at 11:00 Friday morning.